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Cold Stone Creamery & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Cold Stone Creamery is all about you; you pick the flavors, you choose the mix-ins, and you decide how you want your custom creation served! The best part, you can never choose "wrong"— our ice cream is made on-site with the purest ingredients to ensure freshness. Don't forget, Cold Stone makes ice cream cakes (and cupcakes)!


Fun fact: you can add your Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory favorites into your Cold Stone creation— why? Because we believe that fun is best served in a dish. 

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is widely known for our gourmet chocolates and hand-dipped caramel apples and chocolate covered strawberries. However, one of the most unique features, available at the Stuyvesant Plaza location, is that you can combine gourmet chocolate with your favorite Cold Stone ice cream flavors!


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